A Catholic Parish

Community Boundaries

Our Lady of the Visitation Church services a very active community, with one of the fastest growth records in Ontario.

Within our area lie several new and developing housing projects, including Greely West, Greely, Rideau Forest, Riverside South, Albion Sun Vista, Emerald Creek, Findlay Creek, Creekside, Hawthorne Forest, Orchard View Estates, Sunset Lakes, Shadow Ridge, South Pointe, Woodstream, Greely Apple Orchard, and the Quinn Farm.

Over the next 4 years, our population is projected to increase by 45,100, and by 2021 -- to 75,450. Our Lady of the Visitation is positioning itself to welcome this growth with "state of the art" facilities in a rural setting, drenched with history! New families will find that their spiritual and community needs will be met and surpassed at this "DESTINATION LOCATION" at 5338 Bank St.--just North of Mitch Owens Rd.


Local Catholic Schools

St. Mary Elementary School

St. Mark High School

St. Francis Xavier High School





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