Liturgical Ministries

Interior of church

The liturgy is the work of the whole Christ, head and body” (CCC 1187).

This means that the celebration of the sacraments, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, is the work not only of the clergy but of all the faithful who are gathered. While the priest is the main presider it is a community effort to complete the Mass.

There are several opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents to bring more beauty to the Mass.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God in the first and second readings of the Mass. If you are confident with reading in public and feel called to proclaim the Word of God, please consider giving your time and gifts to this ministry. Training is provided. Schedules are arranged to fit desired Mass. 

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary-Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest at Mass by distributing Holy Communion to the congregation. These ‘ministers’ are commissioned to perform this exceptional duty. Training and guidelines are provided and individuals are then placed on a schedule.

Altar Servers

Are you looking for a fun way to get involved when you come to Mass, to make new friends, or for an easy way to learn more about church? If you’ve received your First Communion, contact us about becoming an altar server for our Saturday evening or Sunday morning Masses.

We’ll provide the “on-the-job” training and patient guidance – and you can help out as much as you like. Contact the church office for more information.  


Sacristans ensure Celebration of the Eucharist preparations by: opening the church for Mass, setting out gifts of hosts and wine, assembling appropriate vessels and linens, assisting Presiders and other ministries as necessary. Training is provided.

Music Ministries

Our music ministry at Our Lady of Visitation Parish comprises members of all ages offering different styles of music, from solo to choral and contemporary or folk to more traditional. Their gift of song brightens our Eucharistic celebrations. New members and new musicians are always most welcome!

Ushers & Greeters

Ushers and greeters provide the first welcome to parishioners and visitors to our church. They help people connect with the community and other individuals and families so that they feel they are part of our parish community. They assist people who have questions about the church, the liturgy, or practical matters (envelopes, parish registration form, etc.). They also direct movement; distribute bulletins and collect financial offerings and assist with the presentation of the bread, wine and collection.

Children's Liturgy

Children from JK-Grade 6 are invited to join us on Sunday during the 9:00 am Mass. With the assistance of our volunteer teachers (adults and teens), the children learn more about God’s love and our Catholic faith through crafts, stories, songs and prayers. No need to register, just come forward when the priest calls the children during Mass. Parents are welcome too!

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy means “service”, in the sense of serving God with public and communal worship. Special Liturgical celebrations, especially during the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter require the coordination of many parish ministries with the pastor and deacon. These ministries include altar servers, lectors and commentators, eucharistic ministers, music, sacristans, décor, ushers and others who work together to plan the details of the Mass. The work of planning for liturgies also includes planning the church environment for various seasons of the liturgical year.

Liturgical Colours of the Roman Catholic Church

According to tradition, the Church ordinarily permits the use of four (4) colours – in the Sacred Vestments and also in the Altar Linens. They are White, Red, Green and Purple or Violet. Gold may be used as a substitute for White.

  • White – Denotes purity, innocence or glory. Used on the Feast of our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, on the festivals of angels and of all saints who were not martyrs. White is the colour of the Resurrection and so it is used in Masses for the dead.
  • Red – The colour of fire and of blood, it is used in Masses of the Holy Ghost, such as Pentecost, to remind us of the tongues of fire, and on the feasts of all saints who shed their blood for their faith. Red is also used on Good Friday and Palm Sunday.
  • Green – Used in Ordinary Time, this colour denotes the growth and increase of our holy Church and is also symbolic of hope. It is used at various times of the year, on days that are not saints’ days.
  • Purple or Violet – Expressive of penance. It is used during Lent and Advent (except on saints’ days) and also on the sorrowful festival of the Holy Innocents.